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Our purpose

Our goal is to create a new standard of leadership defined by trustworthiness that is embraced by every type of executive, which will make a meaningful and credible impact at board level within companies across all sectors. Through a unique combination of commercial acumen and coaching expertise, our team strives to help executives drive change that is both sustainable and measurable.

Why we’re different

There are many organisations around that offer leadership development and coaching. So you’re probably wondering what makes us stand out from the crowd.

It’s actually pretty simple: many organisations have a great model for leadership development, but don’t know how to implement it. Others don’t have a model, so simply use other people’s established frameworks.

That’s why the Trusted Executive is different. We have our own highly proven model, and we know how to implement it effectively.

Nine Habits of Trust

Our Nine Habits of Trust methodology is more than just theory: it’s academically researched and verified to help business leaders build better trust in how they operate. Combined with our unique combination of board-level expertise, commercial acumen and extensive experience, we can successfully put this model into practice and make it fit into the real-world reality of your business.

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Our Founder

As an entrepreneur, corporate leader, CEO executive coach and thought leader, John Blakey has made it his life’s work to understand why businesses struggle with trust in leadership and the potential impacts of this on the overall health and success of an organisation.

John developed the academically researched and verified ‘Nine Habits of Trust’ methodology – now regarded as a reliable and consistent measuring tool to identify the leader behaviours most likely to inspire trust.

Our Team

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Dr John Blakey

Mac Farquhar

Peter Busby

Peter Busby

Sharon Curry

Jane Blakey

Jane Blakey

Steve McCann

Russell Atkinson

Russell Atkinson

Glen Daley

Glen Daley

Grant Bowman

Grant Bowman

Mark Freeland

Mark Freeland

Vicki Codd

Vicki Codd



Our Associates

Click on the photos below to find out more about the skills and experience of our associates:

Ruchi Shah-Mehta, Trusted Executive Associate

Ruchi Shah-Mehta

Rachel Stone, Trusted Executive Associate

Rachel Stone

Rosanna Williams-Wood, Trusted Executive Associate

Rosanna Williams-Wood

Katy Mason, Trusted Executive Associate

Katy Mason

Marie Wicker, Trusted Executive Associate

Marie Wicker








John BlakeyJohn Blakey

It has been my life’s work to research and practice how trust and challenge contribute to building high performance teams and organisational cultures. As an entrepreneur, corporate leader, CEO executive coach and thought leader, I have worked at the highest levels in both business and sport to support and challenge brave leaders who are pioneering to create purpose-led organisations where success is measured by results, relationships and reputation.

My role in the Foundation is to inspire and motivate senior leaders through delivering thought-provoking, pragmatic keynote sessions based on the best-selling books ‘Challenging Coaching’ and ‘The Trusted Executive’, as well as working 1-2-1 with CEOs as an executive coach to help them build the habits of trust and challenge in their day-to-day leadership roles.

Mac Farquhar

Mac Farquhar

Throughout my business career as a manager and a coach, I have long been curious about why leadership has not improved as a result of all the investment that has gone into its development. Sadly, in some quarters, it appears to have gone backwards, not forwards.

Thankfully, the answer to this paradox is emerging from the research conducted by John Blakey and others into the power of trust and its effect on engagement and performance. In particular, the difference that benevolence makes when shown by leaders of ability and integrity in creating a culture of trust.

As a co-Director of the Trusted Executive Foundation, it is a rewarding experience for me to have the opportunity to co-create with our clients and our team, a new standard for leadership defined by trustworthiness. One that is supported by a strong sense of purpose that extends beyond profit to develop long-term, sustainable, and successful businesses, that care about humanity and the world we live in.

Peter BusbyPeter Busby

I have devoted my career to leading high trust, high-performance teams and organisations. Initially, I trained as a Chartered Accountant at Coopers and Lybrand before joining Andersen Consulting as a management consultant.

In 1997, I formed the management consultancy, Xayce, which grew rapidly and was sold to Morse plc in 2007. In 2012, I founded a further management consultancy, Grayce, and led its growth for 9 years before selling the company to a private equity buyer in 2019.

Before joining The Trusted Executive Foundation as a Non-Executive Director, I was a member of The Trusted Executive Fellowship board and I am a firm believer in the power of coaching and the Nine Habits of trust to help leaders achieve sustainable success both professionally and personally.

Sharon CurrySharon Curry

The ‘Three Pillars’ of integrity, ability and benevolence drive my personal best with trust and respect at my core. 35 years of national and international experience provide a deep understanding of people and the behaviours and strategies required for successful business outcomes.

Executive Coach, Innovation Expert and former Naval Officer, I coach and facilitate leadership thinking in leading military, educational and commercial organisations globally including the NHS Leadership Academy, Royal Navy, SAID Business School (UAE), Pfizer and Toyota.

I enable my clients to influence success for themselves, their teams and organisations, bringing about change for the benefit of all. Together, through trustworthiness, clarity, and a proactive approach we promote and sustain the ‘triple bottom line’ of results, reputation and relationships.

Jane BlakeyJane Blakey

I am a CIMA Chartered Accountant and provide financial support to the Trusted Executive Foundation team. Previously, I ran my own Kumon education franchise to help young people develop their maths and English skills. Earlier in my career, I was a management accountant at British Gas and have fulfilled various voluntary roles, including acting as an auditor for Oxfam shops.

I pride myself on providing a timely and efficient service to our clients and the other team members. This care and attention to detail reinforce our reputation as a trustworthy business that is ‘walking the talk’ of the Nine Habits of Trust.

Steve McCannSteve McCann

Individual and team development is my passion. Based upon a deep belief that we all have the potential to achieve the results we want, establish the relationships we value and create the purpose we need. This is embodied by the three pillars and nine habits of trustworthy leadership.

Developing high-performing, high-trust teams that deliver significant return to investors, strong foundations for future growth and work that people love, is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

My positive, energetic and challenging approach is underpinned by over 30 years of senior executive experience across a variety of roles and functions in military, sporting, public, private, listed and private-equity businesses, most recently as COO of a PE backed automotive distributor, leading a major transformation programme.

Russell AtkinsonRussell Atkinson

I am currently an NED and Chair of the advisory board at the Trusted Executive Foundation.

I was formerly Chief Executive of NAHL Group plc, which I joined in 2012, and had a pivotal role in implementing its strategy following major regulatory change in the consumer legal services market. I also led its successful flotation onto AIM in 2014 on behalf of its former private equity owners.

Prior to joining NAHL, I held senior executive roles at international firms including Lebara Mobile, Blackhawk Network (a division of Safeway Inc) and was Director of E-Payments at Travelex.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Leicester Polytechnic, a diploma in marketing from The Chartered Institute of Marketing and am a Fellow of the Institute of Directors.

Glen DaleyGlen Daley

[profile & final image in prep]

Grant BowmanGrant Bowman

I have a passion in both business and life for constant progress and development and applying this mantra to all people to reach their true potential.

As a seasoned visionary entrepreneur, leader and strategist, with extensive experience in business turnaround, strategy development, sales and marketing, culture change, developing people and operational improvement, it is critical that as leaders we need to create a culture of trust and growth mindset.

In my role as part of The Trusted Executive Leadership team, working with our teams of passionate, forward thinking professionals I am dedicated to delivering the values and behaviours that inspire trust within the clients we work with.

Mark FreelandMark Freeland

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Vicki CoddVicki Codd

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Ruchi Shah-Mehtaimage in prep

When we help leaders believe in the power of trust rather than trust power, our work cultures and communities experience the positive impact of their leadership for generations. My personal values of Trust, Compassion and Respect drive my work helping leaders build positive cultures with trustworthiness as the north star.

In 25+ years of global experience working and leading in culturally diverse environments, I’ve experienced first-hand the impact that trust-based leadership or the lack of it creates on people, purpose and productivity. I have had the privilege of spending the last decade as a coach and thinking partner for C-suite leaders and their teams, right across both private and public sectors.

I coach and facilitate leaders to achieve a sustainable ‘triple bottom line’ of results, reputation and relationships.

Rachel Stoneimage in prep

Passionate about growing business through expert leadership, my experience across business sectors means I offer a different perspective when facing business challenges. Down to earth and insightful, my practical approach when looking at issues cuts through the fog and hits at the heart of the matter with clarity.

I like to see things through and impart this determination to my clients. I look at issues with the outcome in mind, giving you structure to see your vision and guiding you towards it. My deep understanding of the power of beliefs underpinning behaviours drives my ability to help you resolve the common challenges surrounding people and performance.

I am all about transformational leadership.

Rosanna Williams-Woodimage in prep

Professional, personal and team development have always been a driver for me. With my values rooted in meaningful work, achievement, and autonomy, the three pillars and nine habits of trustworthy leadership resonated with me from day one.

The value I bring is as an experienced professional Executive, Leadership, Talent, and Team Coach, with a commercial background. I have dedicated decades to my knowledge of Leadership and Management Development and continue to do so.

My paradoxical approach is to hold the individual, organisation, and wider system at the same time, in both a challenging and supportive way to achieve success in results, relationships, and reputation.

Katy Masonimage in prep

As a seasoned certified executive coach, with 23 years of coaching under my belt, and a proud member of The Trusted Executive Associate Team, serving them for the last 7 years, I bring my wealth of experience in guiding corporate leaders towards achieving their fullest potential. Driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to the principles laid out by Dr. John Blakey. Whilst using my “loving boot” approach, I specialize in empowering executives to become trusted leaders who inspire positive change within their organizations. I do this by support them to navigate complex challenges and use my excellent questioning and listening skills to unlock untapped leadership potential, so they can reach both individual and organisational success.

I believe in a world where you can be anything, being kind and evangelising about others greatness is at the core of who I am. I believe in the true potential of others and gain fulfilment from seeing executive leaders using a coaching approach which then gains them consistent results, transforming themselves and replicating what they have learnt so they build thriving business cultures where all employees can cross the workplace threshold believing that trust is at the heart of what they do.

Marie Wickerimage in prep

With a background in Financial Services leadership and change management spanning over two decades, and as an experienced Executive coach, I am passionate about empowering leaders to be at their best and supporting female leaders to reach and excel in board-level positions.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve worked closely with teams and leaders at all levels up to the C-suite, guiding them towards achieving a sustainable ‘triple bottom line’ of results, reputation, and relationships.

Guided by core values of Integrity, Impact, and Inspiration, my coaching philosophy is about transformation, authenticity, and integration. Sustainable behavioural change is at the heart of my approach, which focusses on developing inclusive environments while enhancing performance and personal growth.