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Habit No.5: Choosing to be open
Being open is about having transparent communication, being clear about why you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s also about showing vulnerability and being able to own up to your shortcomings and mistakes.

Two Minutes on Trust: Listen to Dr John Blakey and Fiona Furman, Communications Manager at NAHL Group plc, discussing Habit No.5 in ‘The Nine Habits of Trust – Choosing to Be Open’.


  • The Nine Habits of Trust in Action: Choosing to be Open at SearchesUK

    Dr John BlakeyThe Nine Habits of Trust in Action: Choosing to be Open at SearchesUK

    Thank you to Hannah Banks, Operations Manager, SearchesUK,  for this reflection from someone who is ‘walking the talk’ with the Nine Habits of Trust:

    NAHL Group has recently celebrated its second cohort to graduate from its Leadership School. This training programme is an intensive course which pushes participants out of their comfort zones and allows them to really explore their potential.   We caught up with Hannah Banks from SearchesUK to hear about her experience:-

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  • Trusted Executive Foundation Interview with Andrew Selley, CEO, Bidfood UK

    Dr John BlakeyTrusted Executive Foundation Interview with Andrew Selley, CEO, Bidfood UK

    Andrew Selley is the CEO of Bidfood UK who are a leading foodservice wholesale distributor and the preferred supply partner for over 60,000 customers across the UK. Andrew is also a Commissioner on the RSA’s Food, Farming & Countryside Commission. In this interview with the Trusted Executive Foundation, Andrew highlights the critical importance of trust in supporting the transformation at Bidfood UK.

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  • United Airlines, Transparency and the Inner Wolf

    Dr John BlakeyUnited Airlines, Transparency and the Inner Wolf

    This week United Airlines was the latest corporate brand to the slaughter. Like BP, Volkswagen, Uber and Sports Direct before it, the beleaguered airline was caught revealing its true heartless soul in the full glare of the media spotlight. The thin veil of corporate goodwill slipped and, in a sudden violent outburst, David Dao was dragged from his airline seat semi-conscious and with blood pouring from his mouth. The resultant video clips of the incident went viral, being watched by over 210 million people in China alone. In response, CEO, Oscar Munoz, showed his inner wolf by instinctively branding the victim ‘disruptive and belligerent’. 24 hours later he apologised having experienced a humbling ‘road to Damascus’ change of heart, which strangely coincided with a 4% drop in the airline’s share price. 

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