The Nine Habits of Trust in Action: Choosing to be Open at SearchesUK

Thank you to Hannah Banks, Operations Manager, SearchesUK,  for this reflection from someone who is ‘walking the talk’ with the Nine Habits of Trust:

NAHL Group has recently celebrated its second cohort to graduate from its Leadership School. This training programme is an intensive course which pushes participants out of their comfort zones and allows them to really explore their potential.   We caught up with Hannah Banks from SearchesUK to hear about her experience:-

Being open to build trust

‘One of the big focuses on the Leadership School was the Trusted Executive programme that the Group is working through will all its managers. I had done a couple of training sessions on it and I really related to all nine habits of trust. I can absolutely see why it’s so important that all our managers are engaged with it – it helps to make our business more human. It gives you a new focus on how you work with the people you manage. With SearchesUK, it really fits with us and what we do already so it felt like more of a confirmation of how we already work, which is great!’

‘One of the tasks given to each member of the school was to present on one of the Nine Habits of The Trusted Executive and mine was Habit No.5 – Be Open. For me, even as I read the ‘Trusted Executive’ book, this is the one that stood out most for me. The book said that being open is the most important element in building trust. Being open isn’t just about being honest – vital though that is – it’s about sharing yourself and showing vulnerability.

Vulnerability – a powerful tool

‘That word, vulnerability, was the challenge for all of us. It was my job to change people’s perceptions of it, from seeing it as something very negative to helping us all see what a powerful tool it can be. Vulnerability is important to us in enabling us to make mistakes, to help us understand that it’s OK to ask for help and to not always have the answers – you don’t have to be the expert in everything! Not allowing vulnerability can stifle creativity. Also, when we’re open about challenges that we might be having it really helps to build trust – none of us has a dream life and sharing this can be the key to building authentic relationships.’

Ensuring my team are the best they can be

‘Looking back on my time in the Leadership School I can see how valuable it has been, and continues to be, for me. I really want to grow my career and I want to do that by ensuring my team can be the very best they can be. Looking at my team and their skills and building them up, ensuring the messages I deliver are given in the right and most effective way is vital for that. That’s why the coaching and delegation session was so important.’

For more information on the Trusted Executive Foundation please refer to this short introductory video. As a first step on the journey of trust, individual and organisational trust surveys based on the nine habits are available. Please contact The Trusted Executive Foundation for further information

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