The Trusted Executive Infographic

In the beginning, business leaders relied upon intellectual ability and authority to drive profitability for the owners of a business. This model is breaking down because we live in a transparent world where nothing can be hidden. Deference to authority is collapsing with each successive generation and diverse, modern stakeholders are demanding a broader purpose for our business institutions.  In response to these trends, a new glue is required to hold our organisations together. That glue has two components. First, a renewed purpose for business focussing upon the triple bottom-line of results, relationships and reputation. Secondly, a new breed of trusted executives who rely upon ability, integirty and benevolence to influence others. This new breed of executives will need to learn new leadership habits under each of the three pillars of trustworthiness. They will need to make new choices:-

  • Ability
  • Integrity
    • Choosing to be honest
    • Choosing to be open
    • Choosing to be humble
  • Benevolence
    • Choosing to evangelise
    • Choosing to be brave
    • Choosing to be kind

Are you ready to choose? Are you ready for tomorrow’s trusted executive?

The Trusted Executive Infographic

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