Trusted Executive Fellowship Boards: An Exclusive Community of Purpose-Driven Leaders

We have created a safe community for CEO’s, board-level leaders, and business owners to access support to help them grow and overcome leadership challenges. What we like to refer to as the “Nine Habits of Trust” are the foundation of The Trusted Executive and our Fellowship Boards. The Nine Habits of Trust are:

ABILITY: Deliver, Coach, Be Consistent; INTEGRITY: Be Honest, Be Open, Be Humble; BENEVOLENCE: Evangelise, Be Brave, Be Kind

If you’re a board level leader and you feel it’s lonely at the top, then we would like to invite you to our next open event. Take a moment to consider which of the nine habits are important to you in your leadership role?

Our quarterly open events are a great way to find out more about how you can benefit from being a member of our Fellowship Board.

We spoke with our member, Jo Henney, CEO of the charity Nugent, and asked her about the benefits of being part of our leadership community:

“For me, it was an opportunity to collaborate a network with a diverse amount of people who have similar leadership challenges as me.”

Our main purpose is to help people who are in board-level leadership roles know that they are not alone. Jo believes she has found many people who are in similar situations as she is, and may be also grappling with the same challenges:

“Fundamentally for me, we all share the values of the Nine Habits of Trust and that’s important to me”

If you share these same values, the Fellowship Board may be perfect for you! Our open events are run quarterly, so please register your interest to find out more.

“The board is filled with so many different industries, we all share their values and that’s what makes Trusted Executive unique.”

The Fellowship Board isn’t just about joining a new community, it is about finding like-minded people in a safe space, who can support you, relate to you and help you grow as an individual and a business.

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