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The Journey of Trust Lite Programme

You have been introduced to our work via an inspiring keynote or workshop with your leadership team.

You wish to go the next step to drive value from the Nine Habits of Trust model and use it to deliver results, relationships and reputation.

You want to make a measured investment that allows you to meaningfully test the value of building a high trust culture without committing to a major organisational change programme.

You want to make sure that any step you take aligns with your existing strategy, staff survey, values and leadership framework and is seen as complementary to this.

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    To meet this need, we can offer a programme of two one-day workshops with your senior leadership team interspersed with the targeted use of our unique Nine Habits of Trust organisational survey.

    The first workshop will introduce your leaders to the Nine Habits of Trust model that resulted from prize-winning research with real-world CEOs at one of the UK’s leading business schools. The model will be used to provide an initial diagnosis and assessment of the current leadership habits in the team.

    The second workshop will playback the results of the organisational trust survey identifying the existing strengths and areas for development through benchmarking the results to our existing research. An action plan will then be developed to identify how focusing on specific habits can drive measurable impact on results, relationships and reputation.

    Our workshops are delivered by expert facilitators who, as well as being well-versed in the research and our model can also bring many years board-level experience to ensure the workshop is focused upon measurable, practical outcomes.

    For more detail on the content, please download ‘The Trusted Executive – Workshop’.

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    A journey of trust lite programme is an ideal way to ensure that the investment in the original keynote or workshop is maximised by delivering tangible impact in the organisation.

    The programme converts the motivation and inspiration from the initial engagement into measurable diagnostics using the trust survey tool and alignment with your existing strategy, values and priorities.

    Read our case studies on how the Nine Habits survey and Journey of Trust Lite workshops helped Bidfood UK and Capita deliver results, relationships and reputation.

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      What else do I need?

      As an additional option, leaders can also use of our unique individual 360 feedback tool based on the Nine Habits of Trust to provide a detailed assessment of their own trust habits and use this to role-model the behaviours that a high trust culture requires.

      Our library of on-line learning and social media resources can be made available to supplement the learning from the workshops and to keep engagement and momentum between the first and second workshops in the programme.

      It is possible to deliver the workshops via webinars and virtual learning platforms to cater for dispersed, global teams who may not frequently gather in one physical location.

      Journey of Trust Case Study – Ambassador Theatre Group

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