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How Leaders can measure, build and harness trust

In the rapidly evolving world of work, trust has emerged as a vital cornerstone of the leader-follower relationship. Our extensive research, combined with findings from renowned institutions, reveals the pivotal role trust plays within organisations to attract and retain the best talent, as well as foster unwavering customer loyalty.

The questions asked are: how can leaders measure the level of trust within their organisation? And once measured, how can they use this information to enhance their working environment and improve performance through building a high trust culture?

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Leadership Trust Index


In this guide we’ll cover:

  • The importance of trust: Discovering the critical role it plays in modern business
  • How to recognise a lack of trust: Identifying signs of low trust
  • Measuring organisational and leadership trust: The Leadership Trust Index (LTI) as a tool to effectively assess levels of trust
  • How to create an action plan: Pinpointing areas of improvement based on the ‘Nine Habits of Trust’ model
  • And much more.
The Leadership Trust Index Guide from The Trusted Executive

This guide is suited to:

  • Business leaders and executives: Valuable insights on building and fostering trust within your organisation, leading to enhanced productivity and better decision making
  • Human resource professionals: Effective strategies to measure and improve trust, ultimately attracting and retaining top talent
  • Managers and team leaders: Identifying trust-related challenges within your team and implementing an action plan based on real insight

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What else do I need?

After a solid measure of trust has been established through the Leadership Trust Index (LTI), we encourage leaders to explore our Journey of Trust programme. This can involve creating an actionable plan to enhance trust levels using the Nine Habits of Trust model, resulting in improved outcomes, stronger relationships, and an enhanced reputation.

Case studies

NAHL Group PLC logo

“The Nine Habits of Trust Framework is used to promote deeper thinking about how executives operate, how they process their thoughts, and how they act as individuals. I believe the Nine Habits of Trust model that we are now rolling out, is going to further enhance our business and support our future success.”


Capita RG logo

“We know how integral trust is to culture, and in turn to achieving results, so to have a way to measure trust levels has been invaluable.”

Capita RG CEO

Read our case studies on how such a programme helped Capita RG and Bidfood UK measure their Leadership Trust Index.

Download our guide to the
Leadership Trust Index

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Commit to role-model the nine habits of trust model to deliver results, relationships, and reputation through our Journey of Trust programme.

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