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Habit No.3: Choosing to be consistent
Inconsistency is a trust killer. If you deliver 99 days out of 100 and then it all falls apart on the 100th day, it will be the 100th day that people remember. Consistency isn’t sexy or glamorous, but it’s core to trustworthiness. Three habits focused on building your integrity:

Two Minutes on Trust: Listen to Dr John Blakey and Fiona Furman, Communications Manager at NAHL Group plc, discussing Habit No.3 in ‘The Nine Habits of Trust – Choosing to Be Consistent.


  • The Nine Habits of Trust in Action: Choosing to be Consistent at NAHL Group plc

    Dr John BlakeyThe Nine Habits of Trust in Action: Choosing to be Consistent at NAHL Group plcThank you to Adam Nabozny, Managing Director, Legal Services, NAHL Group plc for this interview. He is someone who is ‘walking the talk’ with the Nine Habits of Trust and is a valued member of our Trusted Executive Fellowship Board:–Adam’s been with NAHL Group for two and a half years ...Read more ›
  • Trusted Executive Foundation Interview with John Ridding, CEO, FT Group

    Dr John BlakeyTrusted Executive Foundation Interview with John Ridding, CEO, FT Group

    John has been with the FT Group for more than 30 years in both editorial and executive positions. Under his stewardship, the FT has expanded its global operation and developed its channels, gaining a wide reputation for boldness and innovation. The FT Group provides a broad range of business information, news and services. It includes the Financial Times, Medley Global Advisors, the publications under FT Specialist, and more. In this interview, John talks about how the speed of trust has helped the FT to thrive in the fast-moving media environment.

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  • Four Questions To Assess Your Business Purpose

    Dr John BlakeyFour Questions To Assess Your Business Purpose

    At the Stretch leadership conference in Budapest this week, one of the recurring themes was that of business purpose. One of the quotes I shared as part of my session was Peter Drucker’s far-sighted observation from 1954 that ‘Profit is like oxygen. You need it to survive, but if you think that oxygen is the purpose of your life then you’re missing something’. Similarly, if you are a business leader and you think the sole purpose of your business is to make profit then, increasingly, I think you’re missing something.

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Viruses, Deadwood, Keepers, and Stars

September 2002 by David Cohen on

Respect? Trust? Teamwork? Accountability? What’s wrong with the core values of corporations these days? Now that some of the CEO heroes of yesterday are pleading the Fifth Amendment on Capitol Hill in the U.S., many employees, shareholders and customers are openly questioning the integrity of business leadership.

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