We were very much a go do, can do, let's achieve organisation. We want to keep that, but we want to focus more on becoming a coaching organisation as well. Andrew Selley, CEO, Bidfood

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Habit No.2: Choosing to coach
Coaching is being able to teach others to deliver through sharing your knowledge and developing their skills. This habit involves the skills of listening, asking powerful questions and empowering others.

Two Minutes on Trust: Listen to Dr John Blakey and Fiona Furman, Communications Manager at NAHL Group plc, discussing Habit No.2 in ‘The Nine Habits of Trust – Choosing to Coach’.


  • Trusted Executive Foundation Interview with Ciaran Bird, UK Managing Director, CBRE

    Dr John BlakeyTrusted Executive Foundation Interview with Ciaran Bird, UK Managing Director, CBRE

    Ciaran was appointed UK Managing Director of CBRE in January 2013. CBRE offers a broad range of integrated services, including facilities, transaction and project management. Ciaran played rugby for London Irish for ten years as a back row and professionally for three years. In this interview, Ciaran talks about his beliefs about trust as a sportsman and as a business leader, and the importance of “teamship” in developing high trust cultures.

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  • Turn the Ship Around – David Marquet : From Commander to Coach

    Dr John BlakeyTurn the Ship Around - David Marquet : From Commander to Coach

    ‘Bosses get people to do, leaders get people to think’ – this was the central theme from David Marquet’s presentation to the Vistage CEO community at a recent event in London. The session was based on Marquet’s best-selling book ‘Turn the Ship Around’ which tells the story of how he transformed the USS Santa Fe submarine from the worst performer in the fleet to top performer within two years. Because of Marquet’s credibility as an ex-US naval captain, it is a story that gets you to sit up and listen. In one of the most top-down ‘command and control’ institutions on the planet, how did Captain Marquet shift from commander to coach?

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  • Leader as Coach or Coach as Leader ?

    Dr John BlakeyLeader as Coach or Coach as Leader ?

    When I resigned from my last corporate role as international managing director in Logica in 2004, I thought that I was giving up a career in leadership to pursue a career in coaching. Yet the more that I research leadership I am realising that I gave up a career in heroic leadership to pursue a career in post-heroic leadership. I am also realising that, as well as running training courses for traditional heroic leaders to become coaches, we need more courses to train experienced coaches to become post-heroic leaders.

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